"A picture is worth a thousand words" - Unknown

Today the adage has never been more true. With the proliferation of digital cameras and smartphones, images of the world are at your fingertips like never before. A photo on its own is 'just' an abstract moment in time. With no reference it can be very difficult to understand how the photos you see interact, or whether you can possibly visit all those places in one trip.

A photo essay is designed to tell a story or invoke an emotion; they can show you an entire trip or adventure. The photo essays in these posts will help you piece together those abstract moments in time. They can guide you through our trips and hopefully inspire you to visit one, several or all of the places you see in the photos, knowing that it is actually possible to do so.

Photo Essay: Gabon – A journey through Africa’s Eden

Gabon - called "Africa's Last Eden" by National Geographic - is one of the last havens in Africa for forest wildlife, including the Forest Elephants, hunted for their Ivory throughout Africa. Verena and I...