Photo Essay: Costa Rica – The happiest country on earth

Andrew did a 16 day G Adventures trip to Costa Rica in August 2012. The trip was a spectacular collection of rainforest walks, wildlife viewing and activities, including riding the one of the longest Ziplines in the world over and through the Monteverde cloud forest.

The country has an abundance of wildlife including four monkey species, sloths, green and red maccaws, multiple cat species, turtles and a huge variety of insects, lizards, snakes, spiders and birds. Not only was I lucky enough to see all the monkey species, I also got to see both maccaws, sloths and turtles nesting.

About The Author

A Geologist by trade, Andrew loves travelling and photography, especially to wild and natural places. He needs to pay for it by working full time so until he and Verena can travel the world full time he has become a specialist in creating as much travelling time as possible from their annual leave.

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