Tara National Park, Serbia

Tara National Park, Serbia

About Verena and Andy

Andy is a 28 year old geologist born and raised in the UK. Verena is wiser at 31, works in admin and is a Canadian living abroad.

We have been travelling internationally individually for many years but have been travelling together for the last couple of years, taking in as much of Europe as possible and doing longer trips further afield. We currently live in London, UK

We share a love of travel, adventure and photography.  Although we both work full time, we take advantage of every single leave day or long weekend we can. We would love to take a year off but it isn’t in the cards at the moment. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Since each of our trips started with hours of research and planning, we wanted to provide a resource for our fellow travellers to save you some time and share what we’ve learned, whether during our research or our travels.

Photographs and posts will be a combination of the two of us.  This should add some variety as Andy is more technical and Verena, well… creative. It’s also interesting to see the variation in photos – taken by two people with the same cameras in the same place.

There are some cultural differences in spelling so Andy’s posts say “travelling” and Verena’s “traveling” all well as terminology: garbage, rubbish, flashlight, torch, etc.  This all depends on who wins the spelling contest that day.

Social media posts will probably be by Verena.

We’d love to see your comments below each article. We hope you enjoy.