Photo Essay: Gabon – A journey through Africa’s Eden

Gabon – called “Africa’s Last Eden” by National Geographic – is one of the last havens in Africa for forest wildlife, including the Forest Elephants, hunted for their Ivory throughout Africa.

Verena and I spent two weeks visiting the western half of the country. We arrived in the Capital, Libreville, before travelling by public bus to Tchibanga and the Moukalaba-Doudou National Park to track gorillas and Forest Elephants, hosted by PROGRAM. After a week of hiking through the forest, a run in with a Forest Elephant, but unfortunately no Gorilla sightings (but we did hear and smell them) we transferred to the coastal town of Gamba, and then on to Sette Cama, in Loango National park.

We spent almost a week in Loanga, travelling by boat and hiking, sighting a wide range of wildlife in the woods, rivers and on the beaches before heading back to Gamba and on to Tchibanga, Lambaréné and eventually Tsam Tsam.

Tsam Tsam is small ecotourism site several hours down the Ogooué river, where you sleep on small platforms overlooking the river. After a couple of days recuperation, we headed back to Lambaréné, staying in a Mission to explore the city and await our final trip back to Libreville and a flight back to the UK.

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A Geologist by trade, Andrew loves travelling and photography, especially to wild and natural places. He needs to pay for it by working full time so until he and Verena can travel the world full time he has become a specialist in creating as much travelling time as possible from their annual leave.

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