Filipino Flip Flops

I often hang on to tattered old underwear, socks and t-shirts that should really be thrown out. Stay with me; I’m going somewhere with this. I keep them in the back of my closet until I pack for a trip where I “wear it then toss it”.

This is normally a genius way to go. We all struggle with the weight of our bags especially on the way home: more so if you will be carrying your pack for any distance. As for an environmental impact, they were garbage anyways and I always ensured they were properly disposed of.

While this generally golden practice never fails me… it failed me. I thought my almost dead flip flops would love to live out their last days in the tropical paradise that is the Philippines with the intention of discarding them at the airport before returning to the UK.

My flip flops, for lack of a better word, flopped a week into our 2 week trip.

I don’t know why I never anticipated that as a possibility. Luckily, Andy and I had just pulled into a tiny village after a week long unsupported kayaking trip.   Although we were lucky to have been amongst civilization when the flip flops gave up, Filipinos have the tiniest feet. I’m not sure what I was expecting.

We wandered ashore and visited the two little shops – more accurately described as kiosks. The first shop only had extra small flip flops so we ventured to the second shop up the tiny dirt road.  Luckily this one had small flip flops.

Now I don’t have the daintiest feet for a woman but they certainly aren’t huge. Sure enough I bought the largest pair of Men’s flip flops the tiny lady could find but even they were two sizes too small.

I spent the remainder of my holidays feeling the sand between my toes and under my overhanging heals. My pedicure was already destroyed by the week of kayaking but hey, who said travelling was glamorous?

While I still strongly endorse my “wear it then toss it” rule, I’ve since laid some ground rules… Some items are simply best in their prime!


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